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Jan 12, 2013 1:05pm EST
jersey, they go to connecticut, why don't we bring them to upstate new york. [applause] we propose the casino plan to go to upstate new york. the plan is to bring it downstate new yorkers to upstate. if you put a casino in new york city, they will go to the new york city casino. the people coming in from out of town will go to the new york city casino. we want them going upstate and using this as a magnet to go up state. we propose a revenue split of the funds for education, 10% for local taxes, we believe the local government and the committees should have a right to support or not support and that should be a factor in this election of the facility of the location. we believe that we should have the local competition. -- hold a national competition. we should have the best casino companies in the world should come to compete. we should keep the politics out of the decision and leave it to the gaming commission. this would require a november referendum. in terms of education, the governor said the standard of education should be elevated to the highest of the chief of our responsi
Jan 12, 2013 3:50pm EST
and said, without hesitation, don't worry. we're going to build this back better than it was. his words were forceful. they were optimistic. and they were emblem atic. capturing the spirit of this great state. and he was just one example of how new jersey and its citizens were showing our whole country how to bravely and resolutely deal with a crisis. citizens like frank smith junior the volunteer chief of the min you canie first aid squad his home was destroyed during the storm. then his headquarters were destroyed during the storm. after securing the safety of his three young children, he did not take himself to higher ground. no. he led his team through fires and flood waters, through buildings and trailer parks, and he saved over 2,000 lives that night. citizens were saved because he put them first frank, thanks for your bravery. in toms river, marsha hedgepeth, an emergency room technician, had the day off when sandy hit her hometown. she could have gotten herself to safety and forgotten about her colleagues at the community medical center and most importantly her patients. instead
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2